Pacman Monitor Repair

 pacman monitor repair

Step Five: Pacman Monitor Repair

If you’re here then chances are everything on your pacman machine is working except your monitor. This means you CAN hear the sounds of your Pacman game playing when you coin the game and push start; or the picture on screen is waving, rolling, or off centered etc. Then you are correct you have a monitor problem. (If you have scrambled letters, numbers on the screen, then these are not monitor problems but problems with what’s coming from your Pacman PCB or even more specific from your Pacman’s PCB eproms. (Please goto Trouble Shoot by Pictures Whats On My Screen Or try our Monitor Flow Chart page and see if you can identify what your screen is displaying or after  See the Eprom Information within Step Four) If you only have scrambled letters etc then please go to the Pacman PCB Repair post. If your problem is a dead, waving, rolling, or distorted picture, then keep reading:

First, let’s make sure to rule everything else out first. Often time the simplest solution will fix 90% of your problems. In case you skipped ahead and didn’t go through the Fuse and Power Post or Blank Screen Post, or try the Monitor Flow Chart page then please re-read these posts first as your monitor maybe blank because no power is getting to it.

Next, with the game unplugged, please check the power coming from the isolation transformer at the bottom floor of the game connecting upto the monitor itself as sometimes these can simply be or become unplugged. If unplugged, plug it back and turn the power on to the game and see if it’s back on.

pacman fuses

unplug monitor pacman

These two wires supply the 110volts to the monitor and is essentially the plug chord for power to it. It can come loose through the years and if disconnected it is just like your TV set is unplugged. The original pacman machines used a vertical mounted 19 inch Eelectrahome G07 or a Wells Gardner k4900 refer to the manual pdf here. Your monitor may be different if put in at a later date.

Third, If still not working; with the game unplugged check all the fuses on the monitor chassis itself as sometimes a fuse could simply be blown knocking out all power to the monitor itself and no where else. (However a blown fuse usually means trouble within the monitor)


The fuses on the G07 are f901 and 902.


pacman go7

With the game Unplugged! and with your Ohm meter reader take out the fuse and test it as instructed in the Fuse and Power repair post. If bad replace with the same value and plug back into your game to see if it’s working now. If the fuse blows again chances are very high without getting too technical that your game’s fly back transformer has blown!

fly back

You have 3 options if this happens. You can just replace your old monitor completely with a new monitor.

Where To Find A G07 Flyback

Or buy a new replacement chassis to put back on your existing monitor, or you can try and replace just the bad fly back transformer with a new one if you feel like you are technical enough to do that. But the monitor will not work until fixed.

pacman go7

Fourth, if your picture is waving or distorted or wont stop rolling then, this might be fixed by just adjusting the control knobs on the chassis neck board of the monitor itself, however working on monitors takes a little know-how and you may not feel comfortable working on them. Also this is more likely to be caused by the electrolytic Caps on the Monitor chassis itself.

Cap Kits are available online very inexpensively and are pretty simple to install but this requires taking the monitor chassis and neck board off of your Monitor and unsoldering the caps and putting new caps back on RIGHT! (If placed on wrong they can blow up) Try this refer to the replacing the How to Install G07 Cap Kits Post.

 If you don’t feel comfortable then your only options to fix a bad or distorted picture are either buy a new replacement monitor or buy a new replacement chassis board so that you can replace all non working parts with one fix. Refer to How To Replace Your Pacman Monitor post. 

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