If you are here then you have a arcade game other than pacman and you would still like to fix it.  In most all cases the following steps can be used to diagnose or repair other 80’s arcade games of the era, so if you have another arcade game model besides Pacman then in many cases the problems will be common to all. Basically an arcade machine consists of a power supply, monitor, a PCB, and controls. So you may be able to diagnose your problems through this site for a similar type game, but Pacman or Ms. Pacman will be the sole focus however you can use the step by step method to solve most of your 80’s game issues especially coin slot monitor or power supply issues.

Again please follow the directions step by step in order to completely trouble shoot your problem so we can have you up and running in no time.

Safety First! —Your Safety is important. Always UNPLUG your machine while you are working on it. If the instructions call for you to plug the game back in to test it, then please don’t touch any of the electrical parts inside– basically please use common sense and use your eyes instead of your hands while the game is plugged in or turned On.

 Please read our disclaimer in the footer below before beginning. With All that being said, let’s jump right into it! Take a moment to review the picture below to get familiar with your Machine since most are similar to a Pacman Arcade Game. Then Please Proceed to the Step One Post: Blank Screen. If you have a Cocktail table game then proceed to the cocktail game section first:

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