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Welcome To The sole purpose of this site is so that a Pacman or Ms Pac-man owner like yourself with little or no knowledge of the inner workings of an arcade machine, can quickly diagnose and easily fix your Original Pacman coin op game in the absence of a qualified technician; which quite frankly are a dying breed these days. So please follow the directions step by step in order to completely trouble shoot your problem so we can have you up and running in no time.


pacmanSafety First! —Your Safety is important. Always UNPLUG your machine while you are working on it. If the instructions call for you to plug the game back in to test it, then please don’t touch any of the electrical parts inside– basically please use common sense and use your eyes instead of your hands while the game is plugged in or turned On.

Note: These instructions are intended to diagnose only the problems of an original coin-op Pacman or Ms Pacman stand up and/or an original Pacman or Ms Pac Cocktail Table Machine or Original Mini. All other Pacman variations or newer MAME type games, multicades, or other computer games are not meant to be diagnosed through this site. I’m also assuming of course that the entire Pacman or Ms Pacman game is complete and has the original PCBs, monitor, power supply…etc; which is all hooked up right and was working at one time, but now it is not.

Note: You may think you already know what the problem with your Pacman is, for example you may think you have a bad monitor; when in fact it could really just be a simple blown fuse or a power supply problem or you may even perceive you have a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) issue, but what you could actually have is a wiring problem or an Eprom issue etc. So again please follow these steps as directed to correctly diagnose the problems and don’t assume it’s one thing or the other until each has been ruled out or you’re ask to move on to the next step. I have purposely written each post in an easy to follow hopefully non-technical way so that even a novice can understand. So follow each step and we’ll get you to the root of the problem as fast as we can.

In many cases the following steps can be used to diagnose or repair other arcade games of the era, so if you have other arcade game models besides Pacman then in many cases the problems will be common to all. Basically an arcade machine consists of a power supply, monitor, a PCB, and controls. So you may be able to diagnose your problems through this site for a similar type game, but Pacman or Ms. Pacman will be the sole focus moving forward. Please read our disclaimer in the footer below before beginning.

With All that being said, let’s jump right into it! Take a moment to review the picture below to get familiar with your Pacman Machine. Then Please Proceed to the Step Two Post: Blank Screen Repair. If you have a Cocktail table game then proceed to the Pacman Cocktail Table Repair Post First.

pacman labelmspac labels frontinside pacman parts

Proceed To Step Two

Looking for hard to find Pac/Ms Pac parts for your game? Click here for our Parts for Repair Page


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